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Nocturne Alley Fan Icons

as voluminous as they come

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na_icons was created so fans of the wonderful nocturne_alley LiveJournal RPG could flaunt, share, and discuss icons and icon-related issues (XD) without clogging up or spamming the nraged community.

If you have fan icons to share, feel free to post to your heart's content here. However, please make use of the lj-cut tag if you have more than three to show. If you'd just like to sit and squee at all the pretty and clever icons so many of the members of nraged are using, feel free to do that here as well. =) Basically, if it's n_a and icon related, it can go here.

This community is moderated by Ri (caffeineaddict), so if you have any comments/questions/marriage proposals/large sums of money burning unfortunate holes in your pocket, feel free to get in touch with her.

Thank you, and happy iconing! ^_^